Selasa, 17 April 2012

120417 Nana After School @ Fashion Show Tokyu Plaza

「AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS(アメリカン・イーグル・アウトフィッターズ)」

 Nana Received a Scholarship from Seoul University

On April 13th the Seoul National University of Arts 2012 semester scholarships ceremony was held. Information about schloarship recipients from the past and present was released and Nana who was awarded a scholarship in 2010 was mentioned. The university is hoping to attract more idols and talented students.

Fellow scholarship recipients included Jia from the group ‘Miss A’ and other popular idols. An official from the University stated, “recently various auditions and various competitions are getting a lot of better-performing students…“. The university wants to show their support by giving help to “…students with outside activities in accordance with school policy to actively support skills and merit scholarships which increases the ratio [student body]“.

With Nana a part of their roster Seoul University is steadily increasing their talent.

Credit: Chosun via fyafterschool + Info: NanaPlayz + horrible trans: AfterSchoolDaze
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