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Girls’ Generation Unit ‘Girls’ Generation-Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun’ will Release a Mini Album ‘TWINKLE’ on May 2nd 2012 !

Girls’ Generation Unit ‘Girls’ Generation-Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun’ will Release a Mini Album ‘TWINKLE’ on May 2nd! 

The best girl group Girls’ Generation will be launching a unit group named ‘Girls’ Generation-Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun’ and the unit group will release a mini album ‘TWINKLE.’

‘Girls’ Generation-Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun’ is comprised of three members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun who have exceptional vocal skills. As the unit branches off from the globally popular Girls’ Generation and is a continuation of the group’s music career, it is expected to receive an explosive response from music fans all around the world.

Especially, since Girls’ Generation plans to continue releasing units with different member compositions based on music and concept in order to present the members’ many different talents, all aspects of Girls’ Generation including their music, performance and fashion style will draw the fans’ attention.

The mini album ‘TWINKLE,’ which will be released on May 2nd, contains music of various genres that will feature musical emotions and charming vocals of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun.

After the Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ released in October, 2011, the members have focused on individual activities. Taeyeon made a cameo appearance in a drama, participated in the OST for drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and hosted a TV show. Tiffany debuted in a musical through 'Fame' and has been recognized for her stable voice and acting, and also sang the OST for the drama ‘Love Rain.’

Moreover, besides the collaboration with Yoongun, Seohyun participated in the OST for the drama ‘The Fashion King’ and has been active as an MC.

Meanwhile, the mini album ‘TWINKLE’ of ‘Girls' Generation-Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun’ will be available on May 2nd.

source: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=373694402673400

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